Come spend Valentine's Day with us and sensational crooner Paul King with the John Hill Quartet! Our full menu will be available as well as the following specials,(and maybe more)!

Valentine’s Dinner Specials – served after 4:30

In addition to our entire regular menu!

French Onion Soup

Rich veal stock with slowly caramelized Spanish onions, highlighted with white port and finished with imported Gruyere cheese!   7.99


Whole Maine Lobster Boil

1.5 lb. Whole Maine Lobster, redskin potatoes, corn on the cob, housemade Kolbasz, drawn butter. Classic.                                                                        49.99                              


House Smoked Pork Chop

House smoked thick cut pork chop with two of our awesome sides!       19.99


Steak Frank

32 oz.  Porterhouse Steak grilled to order. Available rare – medium. Frank is the mythical character we made up to cook your steak. Served with 2 sides.  59.99


Valentines Jambalaya – Shrimp, Crawfish tails, Chicken, Housemade Ham, Bacon, Tasso, and Andouille Jambalaya, with 4 fried Oysters!                                  23.99


Kings Cake

The New Orleans classic Mardi Gras treat!                                                        7.99