Today’s Specials

Celebrating the season of fresh local tomatoes and vegetables!

Today’s Housemade Charcuterie Platter: Cuban Sausage, Ham, Smoked Turkey, Boudin, Texas Jalapeno Sausage, Pork Belly, Duck Irish Bacon


Gazpacho – Chilled tomato/vegetable (from Owosso Organics) soup topped with housemade garlic croutons.                                                                             7.99


Chef’s Cuban Sausage Appetizer – Housemade Cuban Sausage patties with Cuban Chimichurri.                                                                                                          6.99


Mom’ Shrimp Creole – My mom’s recipe that I grew up on! Shrimp in a rich Creole tomato sauce over rice!                                                                                      18.99


Dublin Duck – We cured and smoked a Maple Leaf Farms 9 oz. Duck breast in the style of Irish Bacon and it is out of this world! Served with Cherry/Maple Sauce and Zucchini/Summer Squash Bulgar Pilav.                                                        18.99



Fresh Oysters in ‘da house!

Fried Oyster Appetizer -                                               11.99


Fried Oyster Po’ Boy -                                                    11.99


Fried Oyster Dinner -                                                     21.99